Summer Camp Safety 101

Sure the kids are excited for summer camp after the long school year as well as parents excited for a break of their own during the summer. Summer camp provides a lot of fun for your kids, while allowing parents to enjoy some of their own quality time, but that doesn’t mean that you are out of the woods when protecting your kids. In general, summer camp supervisors and employees are very up to date on safety precautions due to it being their main priority while the campers are under their supervision. However, that does not mean that there are not any potential risks for injury while attending summer camp. Reviewing and following some summer camp safety tips can lead to a very happy and injury free stay at the very desired summer camp retreat.

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The first step to ensuring to yourself and your child that they will be safe while away at summer camp is to allows follow up and check on the credentials of the summer camp they will be attending. Simply doing some research on the chosen summer camp can go along way into preventing any potential injuries. Summer camps can differ in agenda activities and you should make sure that they fit your child’s personality and interests. It is also important to check specifically on transportation details to make sure they are up to your standards. Some other important questions that should be considered while reviewing a summer camp can be as follows: how many campers to one counselor, how experiences are the camp counselors, how does the camp decide on disciplinary actions, and most importantly how does the camp handle emergency situations. These questions should be considered important based on your personal views as a parent and how they agree with your ideals.

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Once you have settled on a camp you can continue to check off some more precautions concerning the actual stay of your child. Some simple safety recommendations can be bringing the right type of footwear. Comfortable and supportive sneakers are definitely recommended for the majority of their trip, but also packing flip flops should be considered as well for pool activities and showering. Usually the summer camp will provide an overview of the activities being held, which should be reviewed prior to your child’s participation so you can prepare them for each day appropriately. Even simply reminding your child on a consistent basis to follow the camp’s rules, such as listening to their counselors can provide easy assurance while also avoiding potential conflict. One huge precaution is to notify the people in charge of any allergies or medical conditions of your child. Make sure to label any medications or inhalers that your child may use with their name while also providing any important instructions. Sunscreen is also very important to pack and emphasizing application can provide any serious skin ailments. SPF 30 sunscreen is recommended for any activities involving water sports. The camp that you chose to commit to should all be well educated on these tips, but it can go along away if you are also aware of these helpful precautions when sending your child off to camp each day.

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Once you review the precautionary guidelines the next step to take is understanding the injury risks that can be involved with summer camp activities. The leading risk to injury is drowning based on the popularity of swimming activities that many summer camps chose to include in their activities calendar. Home swimming pools are actually the leading cause of drowning incidents based on the lesser amount of supervision that a summer camp can provide with licensed lifeguards on duty at all times. However, this does not completely wipe out any potential drowning risk involving a camp’s pool activity. To help avoid any drowning incidents you should go over some basic swimming guidelines and even sign your child up for swimming lessons. Another common injury risk is falls, which is really considered the biggest danger to your children due to how hard it is to avoid. Warning your kids of reckless behavior is one step to avoiding any major falls. Children will always desire to be dangerous, but discussing general safety while participating in any physical activity can go along way. Your child will most definitely benefit by being given the knowledge even if it seems to go through one year and out the other.

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You should now have a better understanding of what summer camp entails after having  gone over some general information on precautionary tips for summer camps and potential injuries. The expectations dealing with summer camp risks should be more at ease if you follow the steps to a safer summer camp experience. Unfortunately the risks cannot entirely be avoided based on unforeseen circumstances, but reviewing and research with due diligence can really go a long way to providing your children with the right information.

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