How To Beat Seasonal Allergies

What can you do to fight Seasonal Allergies?

The real issue with allergies is that they cannot be cured completely, which causes the annual stress factor when spring allergy season eventually comes around. The reason why allergies cannot fully be cured is that once the body senses something as harmful, there’s no way for it to change that. The immune system will store an unknown foreign particle that it considers to be dangerous and stores the particle in it’s memory. There has been only one form of a cure that been proven effective called immunotherapy, which involves a shot once or twice a week for 6 or more months based on the severity of the allergies. The reason why it’s the most effective form of a cure is because it desensitizes or in simpler terms causes your immune system to forget the allergen all together. The treatment is not so popular because it requires a time commitment and can also be expensive based on the length of treatment.

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The most common allergy medicines are called antihistamines and they work by counteracting with the effects of the histamine, which is the inflammatory chemical released by your body during an allergic reaction. In effect, antihistamines shut down an allergic reaction by turning off your immune system’s response. There are other common allergy medicines that treat different types of allergy symptoms that have also proven to be effective. The other common allergy medicines include decongestants that unclog your nose and sinuses and anticholinergic sprays which is a prescription medicine that shuts down all mucus production. There are also alternative remedies to diminishing allergy symptoms such as herbs, foods, relaxation techniques, acupuncture and homeopathic medicines. These alternative strategies may not have proven to be completely beneficial to your allergy symptoms but overall health will certainly help just as maintaining a healthy weight. The best way to attack the allergies to be self aware of the triggers which set off any allergic reactions and keeping the right medications available to control the symptoms right away.

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