What Are Seasonal Allergies

Spring is in the air and we all know what that means – allergy season is upon us.

You were probably thinking that the intro was leading into words such as sunshine and blossoming flowers, but for those of whom year in and  year out struggle with seasonal allergies, are well aware of the struggles caused by the start of the spring season. Just when those eager souls thought it was safe to finally free yourselves from your homes and enter the outdoors after a winterly cold season are immediately brought back down to the reality of spring allergies with constant sneezing and runny eyes. The truth is that seasonal allergies technically cannot be fully cured, but they can be treated and managed.

What are seasonal allergies

First off, let’s break down what causes an allergy attack and what an allergy is doing to your body. An allergy in simple terms tricks your immune system to thinking that something, which is actually harmless, has touched or entered your body and considers it to be dangerous which causes the body to go into an attack mode. The reaction can be further explained by your immune cells scanning your body for any type of bacteria, virus, pollen, chemicals that could possibly cause harm. For the majority of the time those foreign particles are determined to be harmless, but if those particles are determined to be dangerous it causes the immune system to go onto the offensive. The immune system first stores the particle type into it’s “memory” so if it ever senses the particle again, then the  immune cells will attempt to fight it off and keep the body free of any danger. The vast majority of allergens are airborne such as dust, pollen, mold, and pet dander and unfortunately the body will continue to fight off allergies because your immune system considers them to be a danger like as you caught the cold or flu germ.


Allergies are so prevalent that it has been reported that one in five people in the North American content are affected by allergies. The most common types of allergens are airborne as stated before, but other common types of allergies are caused by food, drugs, chemicals, and insects. Most allergies affect the skin or eyes, but some of the other types can be harmful to your digestive system and considered more serious. In the last 30 years or so reported allergy symptoms have skyrocketed which gives the notion that allergies are here to stay. You will be well aware if you are one of the many statistics that experiences seasonal allergies.

seasonal allergies


The symptoms are for the most part clear which means a lot of sneezing, runny noses, dry eyes, headaches, and inflamed sinuses. On occasion the symptoms can be confused with that of a cold or flu, but the difference comes down to how quickly the symptoms affect your body. Allergies are known to come very quickly and affect the body right away, whereas in comparison to a cold which usually attacks the body at a slow dreadful pace. Allergies can also be a bit more predictable based on the timing, which usually occurs at the same time each year or after a long time outside during allergy season.

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seasonal allergies

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